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The Ultimate Warship Bundle 20021pcs

The Ultimate Warship Bundle 20021pcs

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 Assemble a tribute to three of the most historically significant vessels to ever roam the seas. A massive 20,000+ piece bundle, dedicated to a collection of incredibly intricate & detailed models.


USS Iowa BB-61 Battleships 8042pcs

Embark on a voyage through naval history with the USS Iowa BB-61 Battleship model. This mighty vessel, commissioned in 1943, served as a symbol of American naval power during World War II and beyond. As the lead ship of her class, the Iowa Battleship was a marvel of engineering, boasting impressive firepower, speed, and versatility. With a storied career that included escorting President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Tehran Conference, supporting naval operations in the Pacific, and even serving in the Gulf War, the USS Iowa remains a testament to the strength and resilience of the United States Navy.

Featuring over 8000 pieces, this replica showcases the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. Measuring an impressive 138cm in length, it captures the imposing presence of the USS Iowa with remarkable precision. Every aspect of the ship has been faithfully recreated, from the rangefinders and lifeboats to the anchor-shave, ensuring an authentic representation of this iconic vessel. The turrets can be rotated and tilted, allowing for dynamic display options, while the integrated display stand elevates the model to a stunning centerpiece.

Relive the glory of naval warfare with the USS Iowa BB-61 Battleship model, a true masterpiece that combines historical accuracy with incredible detail, making it a must-have for history buffs, enthusiasts, and collectors alike.

138cm x 17cm x 37cm
54.3in x 6.7in x 14.5in 

 Key Features:

  • Over 8000pcs
  • 138cm Long
  • 1:1 Model Accuracy
  • Integrated Display Stand
  • Rangefinders
  • Lifeboats
  • Anchor-Shave
  • Turrets can be Rotated & Tilted
  • Digital Manual Included for Free 



 Type VIIB U-boat 4815pcs


Introducing a captivating replica of the iconic Type VIIB U-boat, a vessel of great historical significance during World War II. This meticulously crafted model pays homage to the formidable submarines that prowled the treacherous waters of the Battle of the Atlantic.

The Type VIIB U-boats played a pivotal role in disrupting enemy supply lines and striking fear into the hearts of Allied forces. With its sleek design and advanced capabilities, this U-boat symbolizes the bravery and ingenuity of submariners who navigated the perils of the deep.

With over 4800 pieces, 1:50 scale, and a length of over 130cm (4ft), this masterpiece offers unparalleled accuracy. Explore its fully detailed interior, including a deck gun, flak, and a functioning rudder. With a digital manual included, assemble this remarkable tribute and relive the heroic exploits of the submariners. Discover the perfect blend of history and craftsmanship in this extraordinary Type VIIB U-boat model.

This model was designed by NukaColaCap and the digital io file can be downloaded for free from the designer here. Within 24h of your purchase a digital instruction manual will be sent automatically to your inbox.
138cm x 16cm x 29.5cm
54.4in x 6.3in x 11.6in 

 Key Features:

  • Over 4800pcs
  • 1:50 Scale
  • Over 130cm Long (4ft)
  • 1:1 Model Accuracy
  • Fully Detailed Interior
  • Detailed Deck Gun & Flak
  • Functioning Rudder
  • Digital Manual Included with Purchase
    This model was designed by NukaColaCap and the digital io file can be downloaded for free from the designer here. Within 24h of your purchase a digital instruction manual will be sent automatically to your inbox.
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    1:200 Bismarck 7164pcs


    Introducing a magnificent tribute to naval history, the Bismarck warship model. Step aboard and embark on a journey through time as we unveil the remarkable story of this legendary vessel. The Bismarck, named after the renowned German statesman Otto von Bismarck, was one of the most powerful battleships ever built.

    Now to present our extraordinary model, meticulously crafted with over 7100 pieces, capturing the grandeur of the Bismarck with unparalleled precision. Measuring over 120cm in length, this masterpiece is a true reflection of the ship's imposing presence. At a scale of 1:200, every detail has been faithfully reproduced, allowing you to admire the intricacies of this historic warship.

    Prepare to be amazed by the features of this exceptional model. The rotating main artillery towers, middle artillery towers, and heavy anti-aircraft towers recreate the formidable firepower of the Bismarck. Witness the meticulous attention to detail as these towers rotate, simulating the ship's readiness for combat. Marvel at the moving 12T boat cranes, as they perform their essential tasks with precision and efficiency.

    The combination of accuracy, scale, and attention to detail ensures that this masterpiece will become the centerpiece of any collection. Relive the epic battles and immerse yourself in the spirit of naval supremacy as you embark on an unforgettable journey with the Bismarck warship model.

    This model was designed by rad0lf. We provide a full part pack. The digital manual must be purchased from the designer here.

    125cm x 18cm x 31cm
    49.2in x 7.08in x 12.2in 

    Key Features:

    • Over 7100pcs
    • Over 120cm Long
    • 1:200 Scale
    • 1:1 Model Accuracy
    • Rotating Main Artillery Towers
    • Rotating Middle Artillery Towers
    • Rotating Heavy Anti Aircraft Towers
    • Moving 12T Boat Cranes
    • 2x Aircraft Catapults
    • Hangar with Sliding Door
    • Arado AR 196 Reconnaissance Aircraft in Hangar
    • Additional Traffic Boats, Motor Launches & Cutters Stored in Hangar

    This model was designed by rad0lf. We provide a full part pack. The digital manual must be purchased from the designer here. Unless otherwise mentioned, stickers are not included and any custom printed parts are replaced with plain alternatives.

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